Responsive Web Design

Updated on 09 October 2019

What is Responsive Web Design (RWD)?

Responsive web design is a modern technique of displaying web content across various screen sizes and device types. It combines HTML and CSS properties to achieve it. A well designed responsive website provides effortless and uninterrupted access to the content regardless of the device used by your audience. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops can use responsive content served from a single source. In the consequence it eliminates the need for developing and maintaining device type specific layouts and websites. One, well organized page can deliver the information to all users and saves precious time and resources during development process.

Simultaneously, visitors benefit from maximizing the use of their screen real estate. This is achieved by adjusting page elements like font sizes, layout structure or even certain user interactions. The way we navigate through the web differs from one device to another so it is important to match the expectations and user behaviour.

Why is Responsive Web Development important?

With a constantly growing number of devices, especially mobile phones and tablets, website development has to actively adapt to the new requirements. We see new iPhones and Android phones being released, on average, a few times a year. Each model often comes fitted with a new screen size resolution. The goal of the Responsive Web Design is to make user journey is smooth and uninterrupted, no matter what device your audience have upgraded too.

Most of us interact with a number of browsing devices every day. We dive into our mobile phones on a busy train or a bus in the morning. At work, desktops and laptops keep us busy. Finally at home, when we relax on the couch while checking the latest updates on a tablet. Responsive web design helps to deliver a smooth user experience in all situations.

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